Cheal, on the verge of celebrating 75 years in business wanted to produce a company profile in which outlines the key aspects of their business and the quality in which they execute these. These needed to be represent in not only strong content but a design style in which reflects the industry and the strong brand in which Cheal has developed over these years. 

Keeping in line with Cheal's quality standard and environmental awareness it was important for the management team that these booklets were also environmental friendly. Along side the experienced team at Quality Print we selected a range of paper in which ticked all the boxes producing a high quality environmentally friend booklet. 

The booklet can be viewed online

75th Anniversary Logo

 Cheal required a logo to be designed to represent their 75th anniversary. The logo draws inspiration from the stamps used over the years on the original hand drawn planning documents. The logo will be applied to stationery, signage and marketing collateral over a 18month period.