For the record, I’ve worked with a number of brand designers – including Peter de Beer (back in the 80’s) plus a few visits to Madison Ave (NY). I wouldn’t rate any of those designers ahead of you - your branding is so well thought out and hence there has hardly been a hiccough – and we’re an outfit that specialises in hiccoughs! 

Dougal Stewart
Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust

It was always Jemma’s goal to move more into brand planning and brand implementation, this is where her passion was and this is where we found that she excelled. Together we worked closely on brand projects and it was with Jemma that I am proud to 
have produced some of our best work. Jemma became one of the best designers that I have worked with, particularly in translating a brief into design outcome.

Jemma’s ability to understand the commercial result and consumer motivation is what has made her into a very capable designer. We taught Jemma to focus on the message and outcome that the design needed to convey from a marketing perspective and to let this influence the creative. She was very quick to grasp the concept and then turn this into a visual outcome.

Paul Fallon
(Former Owner of FRED)